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What is emBSD ? 

emBSD is a stripped down version of OpenBSD. The concept for emBSD is a small foot print operating system for x86 (or other) hardware to use as little hard disk space as possible yet provide a fully functional Routing Firewall. The main driving force behind this concept is to not use a hard disk drive at all, but use off the shelf Compact Flash cards.

Why another BSD ? There already picoBSD which is small, no ? 

emBSD is a very small system designed for specific purposes. The OpenBSD team works aggressively to audit each line of code in their system for security risks. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we use a stripped down base of their audited code. emBSD is not currently a server base OS. It is simply made to filter, control, and forward traffic within your organization. The kernel has been optimized specifically for handling large flows of traffic as well as providing extra interfaces for migrating to IPv6. An optimal emBSD system will not have moving disks inside to potentially fail. Solid-state disks are employed on the majority of our critical machines.

That is the latest emBSD release ? 

The latest release is emBSD-1.0. It was released Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:41:55 -0500 (EST).

Where can I download emBSD ? 

You can grab the necessary install files from Download Release 1.1

Are there any emBSD mirror sites ? 

Currently no


What hardware architectures does emBSD run on ? 

emBSD is currently only provided for Intel x86-based architectures, but future releases will track all platforms supported by OpenBSD.

Who is working on emBSD ? 

The primary developers are Ken Rice and Truman Boyes.

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